Hong Kong Restaurants – Great Authentic Eateries

This Guide will introduce you to Seven of Dim-sum and the finest restaurants eateries on Hong Kong Island.

1. Lin Heung Tea House – The best known of them all, has existed for God knows how many years and remains as popular as ever. Conveniently located on Wellington Street, directly between Central and SoHo, the ambiance in this excellent old establishment reflects the authentic spirit of Hong Kong: Noisy and bustling, yet homey and welcoming. Amazing dim-sums and other yum cha delicacies are the primary attraction, and the location is available from as early as 6am till as late as 11pm.

Top Restaurants Hong Kong

2. Mak’s Noodle Limited is just another Wellington Street icon. Best known for its Won Ton Noodle, which some say is the best top restaurants hong kong, this humble eatery does not have much in the way of decoration, but the place is clean enough, the food is fantastic and the rates are not too bad.

3. Chee Kee is a Causeway Bay establishment, especially famous for its Beef brisket noodle in soup and Wonton with noodle in soup. The menu does not have a great variety to choose from, but whatever is there, is likely to be good. Located on Percival Street in Causeway Bay, Open from before lunch until nearly midnight

The hotel was remodeled at 2006 and the guestrooms are spacious and very tastefully decked out, mixing Chinese and Western themes. Almost needless to mention, they are fitted with every comfort you’d expect to find at a luxury hotel from b beautiful marble-fitted bath, to a CD library and Salvatore Ferragamo’s toiletries.

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