Freight and Shipping, Inc. – LTL? First-time Shipper? Welcome to Freight & Shipping, Inc!


Many shipping companies don’t seem very interested in a first-time shipper, or a LTL shipment.  Many shipping companies seem to concentrate on their big customers and full truckload shipments.

Here at Freight &  Shipping, Inc., we want all of your business.  We want your first-time business, and we want your return business, and we want your LTL business, and we want your FTL business.

We want to take care of ALL of your shipping needs, and we promise to do that in the best possible way.  We have over sixty well-insured, frequently-inspected trucking companies in our database, and we will match one of them to your own shipping needs, exactly.

You’ll get your own personal shipping agent,  and if you call your agent at any time, he/she will be able to tell you every detail of your freight’s journey.  Is your truck in Memphis yet?  “It will be in about fifteen more minutes!”  Yes, that detailed.

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