Advanced Mental Age Test Stages with their Benefits

Both Women and Men are often hesitant to speak about their actual fears, and when research and surveys are conducted to learn what really bothers them, near half a report of the fear of growing older. Age-related matters that people fear most include health issues, the ability to keep self-care, and psychological and cognitive issues that allegedly deteriorate as a natural consequence of aging. Mental health institutes nationally conduct unlimited research aimed at addressing issues correlated with the aging procedure. Among the most striking discoveries they have made is finding out that mental decline associated with aging is not totally inevitable. So it does not automatically mean you will lose or wane in your cognitive capabilities as you get older.

A specific study was conducted among a same group of senior citizens at various points in their aging lifestyle. They were assessed based their performance on a set of comparable evaluations given when they were age 70, 75 and 80. A proportion of the subjects demonstrated cognitive skills that remain unchanged during the three tests, which only shows that brain fitness can be achieved even through the twilight years. The human mental abilities like perception, long and short term memories, logic and verbal abilities could be optimized to ward off mental decline generally related to aging.

Exercise to Boost Smell, Taste and Touch: You can keep your ability on those three senses by doing an enjoyable exercise daily. You can do a number of test mental age while others will ask that you have a spouse or playmate. Grandchildren can be great playmates in this exercise it also provides a time to bond and have fun together. You can work out your smell and touch senses by shutting your eyes, picking up an item at random and try to identify it based on its shape, feel or odor. You can do the same with your grandchildren and ask them to make you suspect certain tastes by feeding you healthy things as you are blindfolded. Boy, will they love this

Exercise to Improve Hearing: This is just another fun thing to do. Your hearing can be greatly improved simply by picking up the telephone when it rings and seeking to recognize another person on the line until they could introduce themselves. It works your cognitive hearing skills and works your brain at exactly the exact same time. Another great exercise is to listen to music of your own times, remembering the lyrics and the artists that performed the song.